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Twist Tie Ribbons polycore

Tach-It exclusive non-metallic twist tie ribbon is perfect for applications where metal closures can not be used. While twist ties are the most consumer oriented closure for bag sealing, it can not be used inch production lines where metal detection has been installed after final packaging or inch microwave ovens. Polycore can be used inch these applications, it can be twisted by most manual, semi-automatic and full inline twist tie machines or by hand, can pass through metal detection without alarm, can be used inch microwave and autoclave applications, and wherever a twist tie is needed and metal is not. Available inch spools for manual, semi-automatic and full inline machines, polycore comes inch a variety of colors to meet your specific tying application.

Twist Tie Ribbons industrial

These twist tie ribbons are available inch different widths, wire gauges, materials and thicknesses to meet your specific applications. Able to work with most industrial and coil/bundling machines on the market, our industrial twist tie ribbons are wound onto plastic spools and can be ordered inch colors to meet your needs.

Twist Tie Ribbons decorative

Available inch spools and cut-to-lengths our decorative twist tie ribbons add eye catching premium appeal to any package. Used inch many applications including; candy, confectionery, bakery, premium foods, gift baskets and retail, our decorative ribbons are available inch metallic gold, silver, red and green.

Standard Twist Tie Ribbons

Tach-It Standard Twist Tie Ribbons in both plastic/plastic (our style #01-1500) and paper/plastic (our style #03-2500) are for use on all manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic twist tie machines on the market today. Both styles are available in 8 colors for color coding or dating and all Standard Tach-It Twist Tie Ribbons are wound onto plastic spools using our unique tangle free winding process for consistent feeding through any twist tie machine. Competitively priced, our Style #01-1500 twist tie ribbon has 1500 ft per spool and our #03-2500 twist tie ribbon has 2500 feet per spool.

Twist Tie Ribbons cut-to-length

Available inch 5/32 inch wide paper/paper, plastic/plastic and decorative ribbons, our cut-to-length ties are available inch a variety of lengths and colors. (Minimum orders for cut-to-length twist ties may apply)

Twist Tying Machines

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