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Tying Twine and Cordage

Jute Twine and Cordage

Because of its softness and good tying qualities, jute is often used where strength is not a factor- gardening, household tying etc. Most recently jute has become very popular for macramé and other crafts.

Poly/Polypropylene Twine and Cordage

This product is designed for industrial and commercial tying applications where a definite cost savings is available. It is strong, light weight, and rot resistant.

Recommended for industrial packaging and bundling. Self-dispensing box.

Sisal Twine and Cordage

Sisal is the most economical natural fiber twine available. It is strong, rugged and holds well without much stretch.

Ruby Italian Spring Twine and Cordage

The traditional material used to tie springs in upholstery. Approx. 200 ft/pound.

Cotton Wrapping Twine and Cordage

All plies available. Two pound cone. Red and white bakery twine also available.

Twisted Rope and Cordage

Premium Nylon Rope and Cordage

Nylon is the strongest of all fibers, 2-1/2 times that of manila. It also has the greatest stretch, making it ideal for anchor ropes and mooring lines, but difficult to use where stretch is not desired.

Polypropylene Rope and Cordage

Polypropylene is almost twice as strong as manila and is resistant to mildew, rot and most chemicals. It floats on the surface of the water and has only moderate stretch.

Manila Rope and Cordage

Our best selling manila rope. High quality at competitive pricing. Strong and durable with high breaking strengths.

Sash Cord and Nylon Cord

Cotton Sash Cord

Made from high-quality cotton yarns that are tightly wound for maximum abrasion resistance. Core is made from low-stretch premium grade polyester to insure moisture resistance and smooth surface.

Solid Braid Nylon Cord

Solid braid nylon is ideal for use around the home, as a tie down, starter cord, or light-duty anchor line. The strong look of nylon combined with very competitive prices means repeated sales.

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