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Bag Sealer HJ-HJC

Available inch 4 inch, 12 inch, and 16 inch table top models, these impulse sealers can be equipped with either a 2mm or 5mm wide seal width. Our HJC models of impulse sealers are equipped with a slide cutter for trimming extra bag material 3/8 inch above the seal. Simply push down on the handle, when the indicator light goes out release the handle. The bag is sealed perfectly every time.

Bag Sealer HI-HIW

The hi series of impulse sealers are self standing machines which are easily activated by lightly stepping on a manual foot pedal located at the base of the pedestal. These machines are available inch seal lengths of 12 inch, 18 inch, and 24 inch, seal widths are 2mm and 5mm. For very heavy bags, our hiw series of machines are available. These machines are similar to the hi series but have sealing wires on both the top and bottom jaws to seal the thickest of materials. Our hi-ext height extender raises both our hi and hiw machines 10 inches making standing operation more comfortable and productive.

Bag Sealer HA

Our ha series of impulse sealers operate by either a preset dwell timer or an electronic foot pedal for continuous productivity. Uniform pressure is achieved by utilizing an electro-magnetic transformer which eliminates operator error. Once adjusted consistent sealing is maintained. Machine is available inch 14, 18, and 24 in. sealing lengths with 2mm and 5mm sealing widths available.

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